keskiviikko 27. heinäkuuta 2016

Can headline be just :) :) :)

Les Browns quotes
Why I should be in a bad mood if someone else is? Why I should be anything because of someone else's mood?
Everybody can choose his attitude in his own head, just by himself, and if can't it's possible to learn. So what ever happens around you, you can choose your attitude and your feelings as long as you're alive. Why not? What are you going to lose if you change mourning and suffering for example to hopefullness or happiness? Yes, of course you're going to lose your mourning "friends", but is it that bad?

Here in our world is now lots of reasons to be un-happy, and lots of reasons to cry or get depressed, isn't it.

But you forgot one thing, the most important thing. Despite everything what I just said, still here in this world is more reasons to smile, to feel good and go on, enjoy your life. And it's not only in this world, it's also in your world.

Les Brown has said:
"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. -Les Brown "

Someone asked today is here problems or dangerous situation because I didn't write anything yesterday... no, I was just living my life out there, and in here, in my home. I was buzy with living, in a good way, and in a smooth way. Internet is always the last place to be or try to live, just before hell. Here in internet is nothing really lively (alive), in my opinion, but I need to admit, that I was born in a time, when there was not any computers or mobile telephones or nothing like that. And many times also I forget it, and sit here writing something, using too much time just strearing the screen. The only medicine to that is just to dance in the sunshine, or rain or snow, what happens to be clouse ;) . If everything else has disappeared we still have stars and nightsky, and dancing under the stars sounds also interesting and memorable.

Seriously, today was first day for a long, long time, when I was little time dancing again spontaneously, freely and with loving heart. It's easy to take some steps you have learned or planned to do, or make some figures just to show that you can do them, but dancing with loving heart is the most difficult. At the same time it's the most joyable and most giving situation, way to find flow. And why this happened just now - because I'm at home.

This new home is really a home. Here's lot to do before this is ready, if that kind of situation even happends at all (because I want to change colours and textiles etc), but now I am at home. Now I can sleep well, now I can concentrate, I can hear my thinkings and my feelings and I enjoy, really enjoy. Quietness is very important for me, it has been always. It is important
Lovely Alanya
for every human being, some just needs it more than others, but everyone needs it. At this home we have sometimes normal daily living voices, sometimes not even those. When I have been living in that noisy home in Kale's noisy side, my creativity disappeared or was very, very sleepy. Next home was even more worse, and every day I tried to handle it with ear plugs. I endured it because I knew that I can get out of that situation. And although moving was very stressfull it was worth of it.

Why I write this kinds of texts -because nothing happens in my life just now and I love it. And at the same time lots of things are happening, but some of them are private, and some of them are even more private. I am here writing this and saying hello just because I want my friends and family in Finland knows that I'm alive.

Here some hotels are full of tourists and others are almost empty. It's easy o recognize nationalities, because from some countries people comes (Norway, Holland), and for example from Finland or Russia people don't come. Life goes on quietly anf peacefully. In politic maybe something happens, but it's not my headache. I'll trust that life continues and I don't have to know everything about everything, or make an opinion about this and that. I am not blond at this moment, but here I'll use blond's logic and say, I am just a woman, I don't know everything about everything, like so many does, and I don't even have to. In Alanya we had again sunny and very warm day with so lovely, little bit strange in a good way, quite different and heartly exuberant friend. Some hotels are full of tourists and others are almost empty. I just live and dance in the sunshine.

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