torstai 28. heinäkuuta 2016

Festival time

If you already are in Alanya and wish something differend for weekend, you are lucky, because it's again time of Gökbel Yaylasi Oil Wrestling Festival. Here is a link to a Alanya Municipalitys youtube video. 


and for more information in organizer's webpage: Alanya Municipality

and Festivals own webpage

Program very shortly
Saturday 19.30 a Parade for Democracy 
              20.00 opening ceremonies
              20.15 Istiklal Marsi
              20.20 Off Road Show
              21.00 Sibel Can concert
Sunday     9.00  starts real wrestling show, program lasts untill 18.00

 So it's time to change dancing to wrestling :))
 And if you'll go there, don't forget to take a sunlotion, a hat and a camera. It's going to be a warm and funny day. And if you don't know where this place is, just take a taxi.

Haberengo Tv:n video from last year Festival 



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