sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2016

Love and trust

Alanya harbour 17.7.2016
We have sunny sunday here and life goes on as a sunday style. Here living Danish took today temperature from sand on the Cleopatra Beach with digital thermometer, and no wonder if you feel little bit hot while walking there even with shoes. Sand temperature was surprisingly +59C, todays weather temperature was enough, +38C, and weather report just says that the same is going to continue for a while. Little by little it goes higher because August is almost here. Only one week left July, and after that in my earlier home nature starts to fall in autumn. Long lasting goldness and hard darkness were the biggest reasons why I left Finland now, when it's possible. Even a couple of months here makes miracles for North born woman.

Here at home we don't need to use aircondition because natural wind cools. Near The Mediterranean sea and near Taurus mountains, little bit up from sea level, here has been windy enough almost every day. When I go to downtown it feels like sauna. Very warm weather stays still, streets black surface glows with heat, and a lots of people very close to each other in the little bus, that's Alanya in July. But we are lucky. Water temperature in the Mediterranean sea coast here in Alanya was today +28C, so it cools a little when you'll go to the sea. Of course it's coulder there deeper, but only rare of us wants to go there ;) .

Now after moving to a new home I didn't want to go anywhere. I'll just go to downtown when I have to, when there's something really important and urgent duties. Last six months has been so busy, or too full of comings and goings, that right now I prefer just sit down and write, make some food, sit down and write again and go to sleep (and continue writing in my night dreams). After those earlier, noisy apartments, I have been sleeping well here, and already now I'll wake up between seven and eight.

Maybe tomorrow or day after that I'll start swimming again. Now it has been not recommended because of mosquitos, who
People are swimming behind the city hall 17.7.2016
arranged "welcome home party". I still have allergic problems with mosquito bites, even thoug I thought I'd already used to these local mosquitos, but I was wrong (again). At the first night here I got about 20 bites, which made quite a big problems, and big enough so that at the same day I went to mosquito net installers workshop and ordered nets to all doors and openable windows. Next night I got other 20 bites, and needed a doctors help and medication. My local friends were terrified when they saw me, and in the bus nobody didn't want to sit next me, because of my red spotty look. Now there's only couple of difficult spots and a lots of scarves. And little time in a cold pool water makes scarves seen in purple and blue... so after morning swim there's blue spotty lady :D . I really hope new mosquitos finds someone else to "surprise". In the downtown there's no mosquitos because of systematic, prevent poisoning, but here we have, more than just a couple.

After state of emergency (olağanüstü hal) local men and some tourists too has been sitting all night near Atatürk statue as a democracy guard. It's a symbolic, peacefull message and support to democracy rules, and it calms people. Some friends are sitting there, and in the morning they anyway come to work. Saturday I went into one friend's office, saw him sleeping behind his desk and scared him like a child... he woke up in a second, but when I saw his eyes and scared face I understood that other wake up method would have been better. Anyway that sitting group, democracy guard, and tired men are the only things we can see here has changed. Maybe other places has other way of living now, but we don't have more problems than normally. We believe Turkey is strong enough to handle this all. Here is something special, and it's unity. No background differences, no ethnic differences, no excuses, just working together to protect the country they love.

Two words to learn for all of us, Love and trust.

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