sunnuntai 31. heinäkuuta 2016

Relaxing weekend

Scene from Northeast Alanya to the Kale hill, it's there 29.7.2016
It has been a different weekend :)) . Saturday morning, or was it friday, I don't remember anymore, friends picked me up and took to a kahvaltı, breakfast up to the mountains. It was not so far. We maybe 20 -25 km from centrum, in Kestel or in Dimcay -area. It is near Dimcay and near a big dam (barrage). I would like to say name also, but I can't remember it anymore.  Breakfast table was full of many kind of delicious food, and there were some new ones to also to me. For example honeyed egg plant, honeyed melon, and one shredded bread. ANd when there was quite a much honey on the table and we were sitting outside on the terrace there came curious bee so say Merhaba and to taste that honey.

Friends wanted to go there because in the centrum humidity was 84% and temperature 38C . They didn't want to sit and sweat in the office. Up on the mountain we felt even cold, difference was so big. No everybody are sweatting even without doing anything. Just to be present is enough. This feels like Finnish sauna in 55 degrees. Pool water and sea water are very warm :)) . Swimming mattress is also ready for use, so it's time to be more active in beach living.

Same place and scene to Southeast, to Mahmutlar 29.7.2016
Last night we went again to the Taurus Mountains and looked lights, stars and the Milky Way. It feels huge to see it even without binoculars. I haven't seen it this way in Finland, just here this summer. It's interesting to see photos about that, later in the autumn. Now it was little bit misty first, but when wind woke up misty stayed down on the valley and upper it was clear enough to see sky and it's miracles. There was quite a much traffic untill 00.30 so also others were night active, And many restaurants in DimCay area were still open at 00.30 when we started to drive back home. It's funny how big difference there is between night and day temperature. And when body is used to handle day's +38C night's 24 feels could enough to miss a blanket.

But just as I thought there was also other meaning behind that meeting... My friend wanted to introduce to me one man. When I loked him I thought he might be propably between 60-65 years old. Reality was that I made quite a big misscalculation... he was 40+. He was younger than me, but he looked like grandfather. Ok, he told about his buildings etc and I saw that he had money, but he didn't have self-respect, looks or poise. He was kind and wealthy, ok, but not interesting. And it's very difficult for others to be even interesting, because that function is already reserved, but that friend just didn't know it, didn't believe it or didn't agree my earlier choise. I suppouse the last one.
Taurus mountains in Kestel 29.7.2016

 Yesterday I did my first mocha cake here, because I had good reason to bake something. When there were four eggs and sugar on the bowl and I understood that I have to do all work by hand I thought it takes hours to make it ready, but again that turkish whisk (beater?) surprised me. It was not very difficult or didn't take so long time. When mocha cake was ready, I needed to take quite a many test peaces :)) before I understood why it tastes different than in Finland... because I had used olive oil and olive oil's taste came throw of all the other tates. Not bad but different.

From vegetable market I bought fresh figs, and some of them went to sallad and some to the jam. Earlier I have been made fig jam by using dried figs, but today I thought fresh are the same. They were not. It was tasting "not good", not sweet enough and :P like fresh figs. So I added little sugar, cinnamon and orange flesh, and the result was much more better than the original. I like it. If I'd have more time I would like to add also some carnation, but friend came before I found that spice from my kitchen.

I learned Friday that I need to convert my Finnish driving licence to a Turkish one before I have been living here 6 months. After that six months it is much more difficult. I'm lucky that I was 2015 so long time in Finland that my earlier Ikamet Izni fell through, because now government counts my living here again from zero. Earlier I didn't convert my driving licence and days ended. Now I have new possibility, but I can't waste time now because I need and I want to keep that driving licence legally. Process is not very difficult, just to run from office to an other and pay, and fill some forms and go to the doctor before that. So it asks only money, endurance and local helper (again). That's life and life without surprises is boring... who wants boring life? Me, sometimes. When lots of things are happening all the time, even boring sounds very attractive. Maybe.

What a Card :))
"You know what love is?
It is all kindness, generosity.
~ Rumi"

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