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Reserved profession

Alanya Cuma Pazarı, 29.7.2016 Olives
From market to football, it's Friday and little bit wild day. So Today it's time also for multi culture music.
Video's, music's, text's etc. rights are whom they belong, not me, I am just introducing these interesting songs / artists.
All these videos are from , and these links lead you there, to Youtube.

Ayla Celik - Bağdat (Beyazıt Öztürk Düet Versiyon)
This was a soft start, and for those who already knows my music taste, maybe a little bit surprise, but surprises are sometimes good for everyone. And the best situation is when people surprises also himself.

Murat Dalkılıç feat. Boygar - Leyla
Now, when I don't need to live anymore in a disco noise, I can again listen also this kind of music.

Today I was in Friday Market, there, where farmers from mountains and nearly areas are selling their own products. These pictures are from that market are and taken today. I
Alanya Cuma Pazarı, 29.7.2016
was there in a hottest time, 1 pm. and today was quite a hot day. People comes there little bit later now when it starts to get hot again, or someones goes very early in the morning. I would like to be there also earlier, but lawyer whom I met came to work 12, so today I couldn't choose.

Yusuf Güney - Hadi Aşkım
Sweet in it's own way

Serdar Ortaç - Gıybet  
Serdar Ortac sings about gossip, and turkish women were dancing carnival samba :)

It was easy to see in Friday market, that again one month has gone, just because of colors, fruits and vegetables. They have been changing all the time, but now the change was quite a big. For example cactus fruits and  carob fruits were there again. Strawberries were almost finished but luckily cherries were still very good. Avocados starts
Alanya Cuma Pazarı, 29.7.2016
to come for sale, lemons are hard to find, oranges are at their best. Lots of green things are everywhere. My market araba was today too small, maybe because I bought so much oranges. I love them. And orange trees also :D .

Mümin Sarıkaya - Ben Yoruldum Hayat (Official Video)
This is so much heard in few months, that I thought it would be already older hit, but no, it was quite a new

Koliva - Oy Oy Sevduğum [ Official Video © 2016 Kalan Müzik ]
This is her because of bagpipes, gayda, which is also in Turkey, but I didn't see or hear it earlier here.

Today morning, when I was planning this weekend, I thought that tomorrow is going to be a day for writing, because now I have quite a strong inspiration to write...
Alanya Cuma Pazarı, 29.7.2016
but then I got a telephone call, and plans changed. Tomorrow morning I don't wake up late even it's weekend. One friend with someone else's comes to pick me up early in the morning. They just said "tomorrow morning it's time for mountain breakfast, we'll pick you up between 8 and 9". So what can I do when life calls -just say yes, and look what's happening. I have strange feeling, that this friend of mine tries to introduce me to some man. I hope I'll guess wrong, or if he's sporty, suitably handsome, clever, passionate and a dancer, then I'm in a trouble. But less don't make any harm ;) .

Omar Faruk Tekibilek - Whatever You Feel - Sufi music 2016.
For relaxation and "thinking". I would like to say for meditation, but I feel there's happening too much in the music, and music "leads".

Old Classical Ottoman Sufi Meditation Music 18 / 19 Century
Alanya Cuma Pazarı, 29.7.2016

Here's some old music which is more relaxing, in my opinion. And when I started look old songs, here's even more older, somehow fascinating
Old Ottoman turkish Music - 17th Century - Nikriz Pesrev by Ali Ufki * 1610

And if we're talking about men... lot's of men with fake American style of profiles are sending friend requests in Facebook. Why -because they are stupid. Everyone can see when someone's facebook profile, or profile in some other social media is fake. Nowadays playing with fake profiles is quite a popular hobby in Finland, but stupid. Yes, I know I am not polite here, but if nobody says anything to them, maybe they think it's ethically ok, and fun for all etc. So someone have to be "mother" who says "stop that foolness and start to do something more clever if you ever want to find a real woman into your life". That was todays lecture :E . And it'e enough for today, anyway it's Friday.
Alanya Cuma Pazarı, 29.7.2016

And because it's weekend, someone's gonna have freetime and time with friends, so don't forget football, good will and happy times together, in Chawki style Chawki ft. RedOne - Come Alive (Official Music Video)

There's lot of people out there, so Go out and enjoy your life. Meet at least one new person every day, or if you are very, very shy, one new person every week, and in the end of a year you'll having great time whenever you want. Happy or enjoyable time don't come from drugs or alcohol, it comes inside of us when we are together with great people. But be carefull with whom you are. If you choose to be with pessimists, negativist, extremists etc, sooner or later you are the same. So when you'll meet a lots of people, stay with them who let you be positive you, and the best of you. And when you are you, nobody can say that you'll doing it bad or wrong, because they don't know how it goes to be you. To being you is already reserved, don't give that profession to others. Only you know it and only you can do it (with other people). So you, me and others are actually we, Now, and all the time, like many slices of the same apple.

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