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The darker the better, or?

Alanya Mercan Balik Evi, Fish restaurant 07/2016
I had suddenly one hour free time before meeting one swedish, friendly lady, and when I relised that I was near Anadolu Hastanesi, near Salı Pazarı area. So first I walked to Malatya Market, where nearly 50 years old sunny woman from Malatya takes care of her customers. There's lot of temptations for me, and at this time I couldn't see anything else but dried fruits... the darker the better said one wise man me earlier, when he teached how can I know when fruits really are organic, and when there's possible used some preservatives. That wonderful woman in Malatya Market said straight how her fruits are when I asked. With her I don't have to be so thinkable, I can trust her words and enjoy tatlı kayısı and other dainties.

For example she had three differend kinds of dried grapes, which were looking good. First one was looking little bit wet -there's also little oil, she said. The third one, which didn't look good when thinking about selling, was the real one, organik kuru uzum, organic, dried grape. For me they looked like huge, dried blueberries... but they were real, and good, better than supermarket's small raisins. The one I was looking for was dried, organic apricot from Malatya. There were many different kinds of apriots, bright yellow like in usually, darker orange and almost black ones. Which one are the most delicious -black ones, because they are soft, juicy, tasty and natural.

Alanya Mercan Balik Evi, Fish restaurant 07/2016
When carrying dried fruits and thinking about which reastaurant to choose, I saw one friend of mine working in Mercan Balık Evi, fish restaurant. In their menu there was lots of fish names what I didn't recognize. I understood that I had eaten only few of them, so it's time to test new ones. They had also icy cold desk where those fish were waiting for customers. So today I decided to start from the smallest one, called Istavrit (Trachurus Mediterraneus) and next time test some little bit bigger etc. Istavrit is 10 - 15 cm long fish, who has very strong backbones. First I got sallad and those what you can see in that first picture, and after a while came fish. I was expecting something more like fried Anhovy (Hamsi) plate, but they didn't look like similar. Maybe those were cooked just in an oil but anyway they tasted good and they were quite an easy to eat... but still I'll be waiting for bigger fish. Behind this link you'll find list and pictures about Turkish fish

My weight loose don't be so big succes right now. One reason is marvellous ice creams what I have found here, and other reason is Çitirim Pastanesi on the main street, near Post office. Earlier I didn't realize how good cakes they have, but my friend had a birthday and she said she bought that wonderful cake from there. Then one day I had time and I walked in, and I was trapped, sweetly trapped. In one day only one peace of cake, sounds easy and harmless. Yes, but we have quite a many days, and their peaces are huge. after one peace you don't miss other although they are very delisicious. Untill this far I have tested only differend kinds of chokolade cakes, and last but not least lemon-mousse. Luckily I live far enough from that sweety place, or not...

Lemon-dream, Citirm pastanesi, Atatürk Street, Alanya 7/2016
Now here inside is again mosquitos more than enough, dancing around my legs and hands, and I don't understand where they can get in. I just feel when they bite, and tomorrow there's also other feelings, but it's tomorrows problem. Of course I have been opening balcony's door, but only very quickly. And I took a photo from sunset and from Kale mountain with evening lights, also very quickly, and window was open maybe one one minute, but here they are again. Today I tested our swimming pool, and was quite a spotty because of earlier biteses scarves, but this is just a life. Tomorrow there's few more spotty and I'm already complaining like a teenager. Somebody said earlier, that when you are old enough you are again like teenager, and then like a child, so is it my time now -not yet, please. So the hardest difference between downtown and this place are very little ones, called mosquitos o.O oh s*** do I really say that? Life is easy and goes on, because there's no anything else to complain. Or maybe I just don't want to complain anything else , because text end soon and it's time to find out something positive also today. We have already enough negativity sharer, so I'll try to learn to change my sharings more positive way. Really.
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