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We`re all just people

Alanya 17.7.2016
Sometimes when people are doing stupid things, in my opinion they are stupid things, and make my life harder than
needed, it's so easy to get angry and follow that example others are giving. But is it worth of it - not even a little bit. For example today when I woke up and thought that there'll be marvellous saturday, it was marwellous for a while. Then some Finnish people tried to infect their apprehensions, anxiety and endless fears to me, and for a while they succeeded. I stopped, stepped little bit more far away from that situation, and tried to realize what is going on. Humanity was going on. It's human to be afraid, even if you are afraid of ghosts or things that propably never happens. Some ones loves to be afraid and it's their choice. Who am I to say them that don't be afraid because in my opinion you just lose your energy for nothing. It's their choice and their right.

One friend said earlier, that pain tells you that you're alive, and continued: on the basis of that oh how strongly alive I am in this morning... Feel those feelings what life gives you, atleast you're alive. Feelings are necessary for many reasons, and they make us as a human being. And in your everyday life, when you have differend kinds of feelings, do you really stop and listen to their messages? Do you analyze your feelings? Some does, some don't. And those distributors of fear just goes on where "leader" wants them to go. They don't stop and listen, or they don't challenge or question anything, they just follow the leader like blindfolded.

Why it's so hard to stop following all that what media gives out when they want to sell more newspapers, or when they want more clikcs to their pages or more watcher to their news shows? Because it's so easy to be just a blind follower. Others decide and you don't have to think, just do what others say you to do. So easy. Sometimes I'll do it also myself, but luckily sometimes I can stop and question that what's going on. Afraid people believes only what he wants to believe. He sees only what he wants to see. And after all he is afraid, as long as he wants to be afraid. Some people get bored to be afraid and continues their life, and some can't get rid of it, or don't want to get rid of it because it gives them some satisfaction. We're all just human.

Alanya 21.7.2016
Just stop, sit down and listen what's happening there inside you, and why, and is that what you want from your life. And who is actually controlling your feelings, or is there any need to controll at all, or how it goes? When world changes, and it changes all the time, we need our stops and inventaries, self-searchings. Maybe after those we can see also our newly open paths, those paths which appears when you start to walk. Seeing them is not automatic or easy, you just need to be in a right mood, ingenuous and open.

You choose your attitudes in good and in bad times. All depends on you. All. We're all just humans.

Everyday living here in Alanya in Turkey goes just like it has gone for a long time. We live and love and try to understand also those who are far away and afraid because of sensational news. I'm little bit sad when thinking about them, because in those people's minds terrorists has won. But it's their choice and this is mine. Now a gap between people living in Europe and living in Turkey seems to be growing. I'm going to lose many friends, because after this all they're going to close their eyes and minds more tight, caused by poisons caled fear and mistrust, and that's really sad. But humans whose road crossed affected to eachothers, and that makes all confluences significant.

Anuway... We're all just people.

PS. Yes, language is changingand later also tags are in english

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