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About Driving lisence

Alanya was hot and little cloudy today 15.8.2016
This is going to an interesting project. In Turkey foreigner can use his foreign driving license up to 6 month, then it's invalid. And if you want to get Turkish driving license, you have to convert it before that six months has gone.

Today I finally talked with a police offiser, who knew this process. He asked first what kind of education I have and do I have an original certificate of that education here with me. I have one of those, but not the best one. What would be the best one -that one from university. Why -becase then I don't need to travel to Antalya. Now I have here only my certificates from nursing school and Finnish Government (license to work as a nurse). Because this education has not been in any university in Finland I have to travel to Antalya to MilliEğıtım, so that they'll check the authenticity, and they'll translate them into Turkish. And that will take two months and cost "something". If I'd have here a certificate from university, I'd just need to go to a notary (Noter) and they'll make translation, and that's it. In Turkey you must have an education and a document of that, before you can have a drivers license. Here is many drivers, who don't have a driving license, and now I understand why.

Somewhere in Alanya 15.8.2016
The police officer was friendly and gave advises patiently. The funnies moment was when he looked my Finnish driver's  license, and said: wau, you have also license to motorbike, snowmobile and a van / lorry. But then he said something that upset me. He said, that when they're going to give a Turkish driving license to me, at the same time they'll take my Finnish driver's license away, and will give it to a Finnish consulate, which sends it to Finland, to a police. He asked many times if I'm sure, do I really want to give my Finnish driving license away... What? Is my Finnish driver's license cancelled after that also in Finland. Do I have to use Turkish driver's license in Europe after this changement? They didn't know and I don't know. And if it would be cancelled, and if there's going to be a need to get again same kind of driver's license, including the same rights, it would costs minimum 5.000€ in Finland. I would like to say couple of strong, bad words here, but I don't say. But this is interesting. Now I just asked from Finland how they're going to treat my driver's license there after changement, and after that answer I'll need to think what I'll do. If I'll go here to a driving school, do I anyway loose my Finnish driving license or not. There's need to do some choices. Great, I may choose myself :)) .

I checked sites, and there is strong text. Turkish driving licence is not valid in Finland, and if I had it I don't have any rights to drive in Finland although I had earlier Finnish ABeC -driver's license. In that case they'll want driver back to driving school their pages says. But I sended them a message, and later we'll know what they're going to answer. Maybe I just need to drive new license here... and keep the earlier card also, if possible.

Life is not boring. Yesterday, when I was on the beach, two Turkish women I know came there also. They wanted we'd sit near each other and talk and spend some good time. Ok. After 15 minutes they have been changed their mind. On that beach there were more than hundred Turkish people and less than five foreigner. I am used to been gazed, hopefully this is correct word. Local people are staring or at least following every time when I am on the beach. One reason is that I look like foreigner, I am whiter than others, and I have big and long scarves along my body. And some stare just because I am woman, some because I am old woman and still use bikinis. Anyway I don't mind (care?), and nowadays I don't even see it. Those women saw it, and it was more than what they could handle.

Interesting thing is, that also in Europe many are now very conservative. What are women's Best Before Days? In Britain survey reveals, that
  1. when woman is 34 years or more, she should not take selfies anymore...
  2. after 38 years no any tattoos should be seen
  3. after 44 years no nightclubs or partying like that
  4. after 45 years no rock festivals
  5. after 46 years woman should have only short hair (manly hair?)
  6. after 47 years no tight jeans 
  7. after 47-49 years should not use social media at all
I saw also bikinis in some list, but couldn't find that list now. Yes, I'm on that age that many are thinking I should not use bikinis anymore, but what they can do, I'll use what I want :)) .
Here's the link to, one Finnish news paper, who made an article about that. Results are horrible. There's no limits like those. Only constraints are in our own head. Only I can live my life, and only you can live your life.

So all we little bit older ladies, let's get some fun XD .

Here's my diet cake from Citirim PAtisserie, or was it pastanesi... Today I realised how they do this :) . In a huge plate there's a huge piece of cake, but because of plate's size cake piece looks so small... tiny little piece full of lovely chocolate. *couple of sights*

I don't change my Finnih drivers license to Turkish, because in that process I'll lose too much. The driving license what I can get here in that process is only A, for ordinary car, and when I'll be back in Finland, it is not valid there and I have to go back to driving school and buy everything again. It's more valuable to go to a driving school here and get a new, ordinary Turkish driving license AND keep also the earlier Finnish driving license. MAny has said, that they hasn't changed or got a local driving license, and still they just drive... ok, it's their problem, I'll do it legally.

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