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In Turkey Kudret narı (Momordica charantia, Momordica Chantia in Turkey) is right now common fruit and is widely seen in
Bitter melons are here again
fruit and vegetable bazaars and markets. It's bitter melon in english, I think. On the other hand turkish name sounds the same than the fruit looks like, so they are perfect togehter, and that's enough for me. When I tasted that fruit there on the bazar, it was difficult to decide do I like it or not. I can imagine with some spices and in special function it might be tastefull and good. Now, without nothing just pure fruit it was bitter. I like how it looks both inside and outside. It remainds horror film dinner, and if I'd have been known it when my children were small, it would be easy to attract them to eat that fruit by using their imagination and fairy tales and dinosaurs... :DD .

Kudret narı Biter melon is nowadays researched a lot because it's medicinal potency, that information you can find here 
or  or here

I have tasted it in the food bazaar, and left it there. It has it's health benefits, ok, but I don't know how to use it. Local people
said they're using it in a meat's marinade or a sauce, and I can imagine that, but how about person who don't eat meat...  in sauce, soup or smoothie with what?

In Alanya life is quite a quiet right now, except neighbourhood's little children and screaming mothers. When we walked in the harbour on monday evening late there were a lot of people. Some hotels are busy with norwegians and swedish, and with Middle European customers, but those hotels who are working with finnish people are almost empty. Finnish news with a lot of political propaganda drives customers to Spain and Creece... What can we do, said hotel manager yesterday looking sadly, and shaked his head. This huge political game is just a reality here, reality that affects the most in an ordinary people, the poorest ones. And yesterdays rich man can also be todays very poor, when talking about money. That's why it's important to remember that it's just a money. It comes and goes. And at the same time you'll have only this one life here, right now. How are you using it, with your family and friends, or by collecting money (which in the end don't mean anything) and forget living here and now?

I went today to the beach and planned that I'll enjoy long swimming. Waves were big enough to change my plans. Even when I saw one wave took and little child I couldn't go there (after that there would be 2 taken by waves) but luckily there were also a strong swimmer, who rescued the child, and that case ended happily. On the beach this evening, nearly sunset, I saw first time muslim women who came there to sleep on the sand. Earlier years I've seen men sleeping on the beach, but now first time I saw two women. That is sad, because they are just a women, and in the evening time and night time there's lots of "hungry" men on the beach. Those womens clothes was not turkish style and I thought maybe they've been coming from Syria, or somewhere outside of Turkey. Here in Turkey we have 2.8 million Syrian refugees. It's more than a half of Finland's population. I'm proud that Turkey didn't close it's doors from those people, that it helps while others turn their back, or take a couple of them and then says "we have done our duty". Here real humanity is seen in every day life, in practice. It's not only pretty visions or speaking or forgotten plan. It's reality also in Alanya. No matter what european newspapers are telling, also those women get help when they're found. Just because they are sisters. For those, who don't have so much, it's easier to share from what they have.

And then KOnya.

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