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Cosy and safe in Turkey

Kuru fasulye
Something has happened in my food culture... I have adapted a lots of Turkish eating habits already earlier, but this surprised also me. Earlier I couldn't even imagine to eat Kuru fasulye. Now I have done that many times, first in restaurant and now at home. It have been very difficult to believe that one day I'll make Kuru fasulye. And now I did it, eat it and even liked it. I also made Tahini (and liked it much more than Kuru fasulye C: ). One future project is Asure, but I'll wait Asure day or friends to come for visit before I'll try it.

What does cultural adaptation, acculturation mean? And how are you going to do it when moving to a new country and a new culture?

Or do you even have to adapt anything? It depends fo your goals. If you want to be just an occasional visitor in that new culture, for example from Finland here in Turkey, it's enough if you know how to behave polite. If you want to feel here as comfort as in your own original culture environment, if this is going to be your home, you need to do something. In every acculturation something needs to be done if people wants to feel cosy and safe, begins to feel oneselfs.

One model suggests four types of acculturation:
  1. Assimilation: An original culture is rejected and a person only participates in the new culture.
  2. Integration: An original culture is retained while accepting the new culture.
  3. Separation/segregation: The original culture is retained and the new culture rejected.
  4. Marginalization: Both the original culture and the new culture are rejected.
 And there is something to think about
  • Language: of course you'll need to learn local, new language, if you really want to be part of that new society. If you use some third languages it's not the same. It's touristic way.
  • Social norms: of course you'll need to learn and respect local social norms, if you want to be part of that new society, and show that you'll respect it (at the same time you can respect also yours)
  • Gender roles: If you want to be acceptable and reliable in the eyes of your new society's people, so that you can be a truly member of that society, of course you'll need to learn and respect local gender roles, and live with them. You can still respect also your own, it's not a problem if you don't make it as a problem.

  • Climate: knowing and accepting local climate helps you to enjoy your life

  • Food: knowing and accepting local food culture helps you many way in social situations, when building up your new social network with locals in real every day life. Social norms, gender roles, status and food a quite a much connected with each others.

  • Daily rhythm: living in the same daily rhythm as your neighborhood, friends and society is important when looking for your place in that society, and while building up that friendship network.

  • Calendar: you need this knowledge when planning your life or arrange your comings and goings. To know important days is also one way to show that you're respecting new society so much, that you want to learn what there happens and when, what is important for locals.

  • Local friends: You need always other people and local friends to belong to a group, and for well-being, mentally, physically, socially etc.

  • Religion: it helps understand new society and it's people when you know how local people are practicing their religion. You may still keep yours.

  • Social status. Your local status need to be build up, need to be taken, and in that process you'll need all those earlier. You can't forget even one of those. Everything affects everything.

  • Connects with earlier friend and relatives. You need them, they need you and you are still also a part of your earlier society, if you want. You'll have o lots of choices.
For example me. My Turkish friends are saying, that I'm already half Finnish an half Turkish. That's a huge courtesy, and encourages me on this long and slowly road of an acculturation. And that's why I am happy for little, simple things like cooking some new local food. It's not just a food. Because there's some deeper meanings, for me it is The Food.

So what is your choice and why?

We have had here very warm sunny day again. Today at home +35C, in the ballcony little bit more. I've been just writing, writing and writing, because now it's fun and now I have an inspiration. Couple of friends are little bit angry, I can hear it from their talkings, because I didn't have enough time for them. But weekend is soon and then it's again time to relax. By the way, there's some football match somewhere out there, because I can here commentators voice and some Cheers.

It's time for evening swim, so have a good evening where ever you are, and take care of yourselves, and newcomers too.

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