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Festival time again

Little bit north-east of Alanya there's Demirtas. And when you'll go to the mountains in Demirtas there comes sooner or Tokar Yayla. Sunday 21.8.2016 there's going to start at 10 o'clock Tokar Yaylası Şenliği Festival, and maybe it lasts all the day, like they usually do here.
Tokar Yaylası Şenliği

Here is useful program, where you can see some different places than just a beach and a restaurants.
It tells, that Tokar Mountains are 40 km from Alanya.b There's other same kind of "what and where" -site 

If I remember right, that village's population is about 2.000 people. 
This video has been taken (maybe) quite a near of that festival area söğüt yaylası
This video is from festivals in 2014 ALANYA TOKAR YAYLA ŞENLİĞİ  and this 2011 8.TOKAR ŞENLİĞİ 3
Now the festival is going to be bigger, and there's more than what is seen in those videos :)) .
In Turkey we got good news again today, when Expat Guide Turkey published one interesting news in English. Maybe I didn't see it in Turkish, because this is a first time when I saw this. Anyway, there is going to be changes in a Residence Permit, and that kind of changes that I was happy. For example
 -"Short-term residence permit will be granted for up to 2 years term each time".
-"The aggregated stay abroad for more than 120 days in the last one year will not be a reason for cancellation of the short-term residence permit."
And I've heard that there will come also very positive changes into working permit, and I'll wait how will it be when they'll  publish it.

Yesterday I surprized even myself when sitting in Queen's Garden, in the middle of bazaar area near harbor. After that a
Rumi poems
bigger surprize was to be with a friend in a James Dean Night Club. We looked first Bistro Bellman, but there were more people in James Dean, so it was the reason to choose that one. In Queen's Garden music was good, enjoyable and dancable, but James Dean... tekno beat, or what ever it was, was not my style. But it was funny to stop by there. Earlier I have learned that I can be out as late as I will, and going home is not a problem because home is near. But now it makes little stress. When I started to feel "party time" and looked what's the time, I nearly run to the bus stop. And actually last meters I had to run as fast that I could, but I reached the buss, last possible buss, what goes quite a near my home (1 km). So living outside of a city centrum means, that I'll need to find out how I can go home easily and safe, when staying out with other women. Somebody says "taxi", but... earlier, when I used taxi for shorter trips, there were "payment variations" quite a much. So now, if I'd take a taxi for this long way to home, I could never know while stepping into a taxi how much it will cost totally when I'll be at home. 100% it depends of who is that taxi driver and how is his moral.

We have had peaceful living, sunny and very warm days and little bit too big waves in the sea for a not-very-strong swimmer. Life smiles and we can smile also. Good night :))

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