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Where would you like to be right now,

Helsinki at a day time

or here?
Alanya today +34C, sunny, little wind 14.8.2016
The weather has been marvelous. There's no too much people (except on the City hall beach today) so it's easy to go and spend relaxing time where ever you want. I went to City hall beach (halk plaj) behind the city hall even there were rush hours today, because I didn't want to play with big waves on the steep Kleopatra beach, but still wanted to swim couple of hours. I was there in the deeper water, and there was only 3-4 person, when on the other parts there were hundreds of people. I've never seen that beach so full. Also that beach near The Red tower was completely full of swimmers. Before I came there I walked along with Kleopatra beach, from beach number 18 to beach number 0, and there were much more space, and a bigger waves.

The life in Alanya has been peaceful, little bit quiet and partly hopeless and partly hopeful. Some entrepreneurs, who has been investing a lot within last two years, and whom trusted that these two years would be at least the same than earlier, are now in trouble. Some had to close their businesses, and there is now both smal and big empty retail properties all over the city. Some of the are for sale, and most of them are for rent. My friend told today, that they had to visit in Mardin, in the East-Turkey, and sell their car that they can keep their business. Life is made of ups and downs, and we may choose only our attitude in the middle of this all. That's also great possibility to check own set of values and maybe amend something. In every difficulty there's always hidden possibilities, if we are ready to see them.

Alanya City hall, Bir Alanyamiz var 14.8.2016
Some wise people says also, that a certain possibilities will appear into our life when we are ready to for them, ready to receave them. I don't know what I'll think about that saying, but it just occurred into my mind when talking about hidden possibilities. I have lost some wery interesting possibilities in my life just because I didn't see them, I didn't understand them in that moment, and then they just passed by. Opprtunity was missed. Maybe it was meant to be so, or do you believe in destiny? I don't mean here fatalism as I understand it, but more religious way. What does your religion say? Is your way of life here on the earth predetermined? Do you believe in that, or randomness, arbitrariness or the possibility of your own choose? Or have you ever even thought about that? Or how the path of your life is going to be determined? And does it matter? Some people say "too much thinking". Ok, but if you don't think and choose, who is that who chooses in your life, mother, housemate, boss... Sometimes it's good to slow down, stop for a while, think, verify the position and take a (new) direction. That's one reason why some of us has changed our life so, that we can work around the world, where ever it is possible and feels good. At the same time it's a journey into myself.

They're all different but good together, Alanya, 14.8.2016
I know many people who don't give a shit for that kind of life, but they are just not yet ready to understand. Their time
comes later, if it comes. Those people tries to destroy many other peoples life just because of jealousy, because of weakness and because of their inability to understand things deeply enough. Just forget them and their sayings. They have to cry their cries before they learn more about this life, and grow step by step. All we are human and we have (should have) equal human rights, but everyone don't have equal capability to understand things happening here around us, in our world. On the other hand it is sad, but on the other hand they need it for their growing, to learn to be more understanding persons, more human. Only humanity matters.

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I'm wise, so I am changing myself. -Rumi"

"Do not worry about what people say behind your back. They are the people who are finding faults in your life instead of fixing their own. -Keanu Reeves"

By the way I found that beach football field today, but didn't watch the game because of sunburn (again). The playground is behind the City Hall, near beach and harbor, near a smaller lighthouse.

Friends from Finland are writing that autumn has come to Finland. Here it's still the best summer, and the hottest time continues at least two weeks. After that it's still two months warm and sunny, maybe three months if +25C is counted to be warm. In December it starts to rain more and it's getting colder, which means +16C at the day time and a little bit less in the night time. But we don't think about it yet. Now it's the prettiest summer, good atmosphere and lovely sea water temperature. It's the best time to swim, daily. If I'd be crazy enough, I'd run to the easier beach (5 km), swim couple of hours and take a buss back home. That's one plan, we'll see how it works.

"We'll think too much and feel too little.
More than machinery, we need humanity;
more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.
-Charlie Chaplin"

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