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Part of humanity

One day it looks like this, and it's beatifull
I was reading today from one Finnish magazine an article, which introduced a forthcoming book about narcissism. When in people's minds We starts to be Me and You, that kind of behavior divides people. And when society is divided, it's weak, much more weaker than united society.
Many liked the article and said positive things about that book, which gives advices how you can identify a narcissist. I understand that so, that normal people from different kinds of backgrounds with or without any psychological or even health care education. This sucks, and I really mean it. Psychologist studies takes 4-5 years, and there's very good reasons why it takes so long time. Or do you want that someone make's wrong diagnose about you or your family member? No, nobody wants that. When people are broken, desperately tired or sick or something else, and they really need professional help they are worth of getting a best possible treatment with a professional therapist. And when people are weak and temporarily needing real help, what is going to happen when at that time occurs self educated home psychologists, who are making lots of D.I.Y diagnoses and sharing them to the neighborhood and half of the city? Does this kind of society support it's member? And when society stops to support it's members

One of today's biggest problems in western countries, or in Finland, is societies breakdown, polarization. My English is not strong, and I really hope that these terms are same than what I would use when writing in my own language. But when We is divided to Me and You, now a days in our societies someone will benefit from it. Always. But we can think also in a more kind way, and here I'll choose that more kind way, and forget now those bigger figures.

Some other day it has changed, full of other kind of beauty. Tomorrow?
Now some of those people, who has education, wants to write many kinds of Do It Yoursef Diagnose Guidebooks. When those books are ment to be guides to a better self-knowledge or ore healthy life, they are ok, in my opinion. My limit is there, when book is trying to teach to you how to diagnose other people. Then it crosses the border. Writers also need some cash, or everybody has rights to write whatever they want some may say... but, there's still big But. Where goes ethical or moral line how to use your psycholigicall education? Can a Guide lead his followers to a dangerous way? Of course many curious people buys that kind of book. Some of them wants to read because of curiosity and it don't lead to anything special. Some readers may read just because of learning, but also in those cases it don't lead to anything special. Then there is a small but noisy and destructive group of people, who's ability to understand deeper meanings, ethical or moral behavior or responsibility is on the lower lewell. When that kind of person is frustrated or disappointed in his life he'll find the reasons always outside of himself. It's society's fault or someone else's fault that he is suffering, that his life is not luxury or glory. What happens when he reads some parts of that book -social media is full of writings about his nacissist neighbour, narcissist ex-wife, narcissist employer. He makes diagnoses faster than any doctor, and he believes that he really knows what he is doing. we have lot of this kinds of examples already now at least in Finland. I hope other wetern countries has better situation, but at the same time I suppouse that it's a modern problem in many western countries.

No more walls and deviders, soft heart and humanity are better
 Many forget, or don't even know, that even professionals can't do diagnoses in every situations. When I'm working as a part of multidisciplinary team in an emergency making diagnoses was part of my work, just like also other Finnish nurses duty in the same unit. There we had to make that diagnose decisions and record them into the medical records. Doctors monitored our ability to do it, and our list of diagnoses was narrower than doctor's lists. When I was working in a mental health care center, also there we made some suppositions, but only highly educated psychologist and psychiatrists made diagnoses. And sometimes even they didn't make it alone, but the hole team was combining it's knowledge to find out the patient's best. When I am outside of my working place, or even inside my working place and working there, but meeting a patient that is not my patient, or meeting a patient that I haven't research, I have no right to do any diagnose. There are many legally facts that must fulfill first. But how about those Do It Yourself diagnose makers? They think they'll know everything about everything, and that they can share they thoughts as a fact to everybody else. Yes, someone says that I'm doing same here. Maybe, maybe not. At least I suppose to know my limits, and even sometimes I'll know something about the thing I'm writing for. But those who are already broken are needing more humanity and professionals. Don't listen any D.I.Y's trash. He needs also help but he just don't realize it yet. Only other broken or sick people hurts the one who is already broken. And even if other people are wellbeing, it's not human's behave to hurt, brake and destroy.

Those, who need to understand this, don't understand, because their basic knowledge is too low. And that's really sad. Our societie's education systems are invalid, and year after year there comes out more adults, who are not used to use their brains.

Peacefull beautyness in Alanya, July 2016

One part of this writing includes a lot of inspiration from Jufo Peltomaa's good writing yesterday in Facebook.
I hope you can see it and also translate it if needed.

I also saw couple of other Finnish blogger's text related of thinking or brain's disuse and , but I just couldn't find them now. If founf I'll add them here.
They might be in here
or in here

Both of these bloggers are trying to get Finnish people find their heart and humanity, and live at peace in the world. Text might not translate right by using automatic translators, but in my opinion their message is deeply in humanity, and they are in the frontline to try to save our society as a welfare state.

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