sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2016

Saturday feelings

A relaxing day and a real weekend, in Alanya, right now :) .
In our news here we may read how doctor's give warning to asthmatic people because of hot weather. I am lucky or more healthier now because I don't have any problems with asthma or everyday living. I have decreased medication here almost as low as my doctor hopes, and still I can for example run. Two days ago, when I made my new distance record (12 km) in jogging, I had only little breathing problems when I was jogging in dusty sand road among the cars. Luckily it was only a short road, which lead me over the river to the other side. It was evening and temperature was 32 Celcius degrees.

Today I was running 3,5 km faster than ever in my adult life, and after that breathing was ok, I didn't have any problems. That was also evening time and temperature was 31 C. My body has learned how to live in this heat, and for example last nights 24 C I felt could. But back to asthma. As living with astma 30 years and with asthmatic  children (20 years) and as a nurse knowledge I assume, that if asthma is in balance, it's not just the temperature what can cause all those problems. So believe also your own experiences, and don't believe all what is written in internet or in newspapers.

History of Alanya has shown, that this area is really good for atshmatic people, with or without that cave treatment. I have planned to go there also, but so far I didn't do it. And now it's so far from my home, that propably I won't take that suggested two weeks treatment period. Many people takes it and says it helps a lot. For me this climate and nearly organic food is enough at this moment.

Then about this blog. What has changed after this blog's language has been changed from Finnish to English? Ok, maybe I've been learning a little bit English at the same time, and I know my language is a foreigners language and don't work as good as my natural speaking Finnish, but I don't take any stress about that. There's something else. These pictures are telling some part of the answer. Now here is more traffic, and the biggest part of traffic comes from Russia. It's logical because in the past few years the biggest tourist groups in Turkey has come from Russia (earlier from Germany). In this first picture there is page views today, yesterday, last month and total.

And these countries in the lower picture are (for up)
Russia, Finland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Israel, Portugal, Netherlands, Estonia, Greece...

Mediterranean sea here in Alanya is wam right now, very warm.
When I've been writing this blog in English, it has been easier to write my project book in Finnish. For example today was a good writing day, and I got several pages relevant text in a short time. And after running I continued, just because now was "writing kind of feeling". And one reason to be in this kind of relaxed mood is also the old truth "no man, no stress" or in Turkish erkek yok, problem yok (no man, no problem). If there's is some man in your life, he needs always so much service and time, that you can't even imagine before you'll live alone for a while. Yes, I know weak
men get angry about this, but stronger men understand it also themselves. It's the same in all relationships. You need to give your time and energy for that relationship or it dies. Of course we have also that kind of frienships, that they'll never die, but they are rare. Most of our relationships needs two active person, who together wants to keep that friendship alive, who want to spend time together and share part of their lives together. And that's life, real life with good quality.

"Be Drunk in Love
Since Love is Everything that Exists
- Rumi"

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