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DimCayı, Alanya 11.8.2016
There are so many reasons to be thankful, everybody and every single day. Many times we just forgot that simple thing.

Thankfulness is a little thing but powerful and important.

I made my list, just what occurred into my mind in a first couple of minutes.
  • I am right now grateful for children and their life situations.
  • I'm grateful for friends with whom I can spend life-filled moments.
  • I'm very grateful that I am still here, in this life and in this condition, after all that what has happened in my life.
  • I'm grateful that I could make this evening 1,5 hours jogging in the middle of this amazing nature.
  • I'm grateful that I can be present and still, live free from fear and enjoy my days.
  • I'm grateful that I have hopeful and joyful mentality, and that I'm soft, hard and flexible enough to handle this interesting life. 
  • I'm grateful that I've got a lot of plans and dreams against the days of my life, and more comes easily if needed.
  • I'm grateful I'm me.

What does your list include? Just make it, write in on the paper or computer. Just write it, let it come out of your mind freely and fearlesly. Other's opinions are here worthless, listen only to your own feelings, your own mind.
DimCayı, Alanya 11.8.2016 Licorice root

When you have done it, just look it and feel it.

Inside your list there are some keys to your happiness, in my list I can
find keys to my happiness etc.

If you couldn't find any reasons to be thankful, you can use life skills coach to help you to find your hidden road.

Thankfulness is a skill, and also you can learn it, practise it and make it stronger and easier to use in your life. And when you one use it for example a one week, I mean really use it, after that you don't want to give it away... just because it changes your world, in a positive way. Maybe that's the point where real life begins, where you can be present in every precious moment.

So what do you choose? Is life welcome into your living?

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