torstai 18. elokuuta 2016

Time to fly away and come back

Alanya, Tosmur - Kestel border, near carting hall, 11.8.2016
What's new in my life? I was thinking about that quite a long time before starting to write this text, and I didn't find
anything special to tell... first, because now it's quiet. Then I remembered this morning. Yesterday evening, when I saw  an excavator coming into my neighborhood, I just thought neighbor bought a little bit bigger toy, or that he needs it because of his work. Early this morning I woke up because of noise.  I didn't understand where it comes, but when I saw it, I didn't believe my eyes in few minutes... That excavator was demolishing an old house very near my home.

Ok, it's time to wake up and make some breakfast, I thought and didn't take a stress about that huge noise from demolishing project. But here in Alanya construction companies demolishes old houses only when they're going to build up a new one. When I realized that, I was nearly crying... because now I am living in the middle of building site. First in the Kale mountain was that awfull noise because of night club area and chickens / cocks. Then in the next home, in that penthouse, after couple of weeks living started horrible noise because of pool bar. And now here, after 1,5 month living appears building site. What can I say? Alanya is so far very noisy. I haven't found a place where is not chickens, cocks, night clubs, bars, restaurants, noisy drunken and fighting people, building site or heavy traffic's noise. I know here is also that kind of places, in the middle of town house (villa) area or far on the mountains. I just didn't come far enough. On the other side of my apartment there is two building sites also, but they are nearly completed. Now I just need to wait until that new one also is being completed, because after that here is no more old enough to demolish or any empty places to build up anything. As long as the noise is not disco-tecno-rubbish music, or chickens and cocks, I can handle it. There's also hope that they'll make that noise only in a day time.

Alanya, Tosmur - Kestel border, near carting hall, 11.8.2016
Yesterday evening I tried to buy flying tickets, but combination Turkish computer - Finnish woman - Finnish bankcard and Turkish aircraft company's webpage just didn't work successfully together. So I had to call my son, and tell him all information needed, and after that there were not any problems to buy those tickets. I'm happy and lucky, because I can fly again into the other side of this beautiful country. I made a hotel reservation into the city center, and the first day there will be totally free of plans. I'll just walk around where my feelings are taking me, and look and enjoy. Population in that city is more than population in whole Finland, so it's going to be interesting to explore that city. The next day I'll going to meet a friend who is living there, and I know we'll going to have a good times there together. I didn't buy any return ticket... just because I didn't know when I'll return, and what route, by bus, by train or by plane. Maybe I'll take a train to Konya or somewhere else, and after that I'll come home by bus. Trains don't come to Alanya yet, and last minute flights are overpriced, so buses are maybe the best choice in that case. We'll see what happens.

Today I was running up to the mountains couple of kilometers... and were some time totally lost in a network of those roads. Even though I have decreased also my last asthma medicines, while running there in the middle of dusty country roads, dry hays and moldering plants didn't occur any problems, and I'm very happy about that. Health is much more better than in last four years. When I choose the first  new road out there, I thought that maybe there is just a road or two, and I can understand where I am... but I was stupid when thinking like that. Of course there are many roads, because the area is quite a large and some homes are here and others there, and every home/ building needs it's own road. And there I looked around and decided what's going to be the next road, a next direction, and where will that road lead me. Running there out, under a sun and in +32 C degrees is very warm project, but I enjoy it. Tomorrow is again city run day, with a shopping trolley and a lots of office visits. I think there in the ity centre it's going to be more hot and more sweaty.

So has this sunny day again gone here in tropical paradise, and it's time to get a sleep, before tomorrows adventure. Every day is an adventure when you look it close enough and feel it.

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