lauantai 6. elokuuta 2016

Two usefull guides
Today first time I saw a web page about Alanya's Nature, called Alanya'nın Doğası
There is awesome pictures and information about that part of Alanya what tourists rarely see. So maybe next time it's time to go out to real nature.

If you don't know where to go and what to do, here is also mountain guides to lead you where ever you want. And many locals are helping also if you just ask. But first look at that page, it's worth of it. Very much thank you to those persons that they have done it.

There in Antalya area are so many interesting beaches, that if you some day want to know more than just these beaches in Alanya centrum you'll have a lot of choices.  Beach quide you can find here.

 In that page there's also waterfalls and caves. That web page was today's other positive surpise. In those pages there's so much information in many ways, that I am gratefull for that also. It helps a lot. Now I know what are my next places to visit. Today I was looking for buss tickets quite far from Alanya, just because I wanted to see something new, and many friends have gone far away. But after reading that Geziantalya page I realized that I don't have to go so far yet. Here near is also many interesting things and places.

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