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Wanna drift with the flow?

Auringonlasku Alanyassa 31-7-2016
First a couple of words to some special, young woman: we are waiting for some posting about your wedding, please. It
would be so nice to hear something about your choices and decisions etc. She married with a handsome ja good hearted turkish man in Finland some days ago. And they have been so quiet a long, long time. Ok, I'll understand that in Finland's current situation very well. Most of all I want to wish all good and a lot of blessing to you both and to your marriage and family. Be safe where ever you are. You're so cute :)).

When I was thinking about Finland, where I 'm from, there seems to have three main groups now.
1. These want to row a boat, called Finland, to a harbour named Isolation and closeness, by using violence and racism. And now they are seriously and very openly talking about "How to implement an ethnic cleansing, How to make a firebomb and How they want to kill all muslims and destroy Islam". And very important persons in our government, police force and media gives their support. And day after day they are just more fanatic.
Alanya, Kale ja auringonlasku Tosmurista kuvattuna 31-7-2016
2. These are quiet followers, a huge mass of people, who don't want to think themselves, and who just wants to drift with the flow, because it's the easiest way. At the same time their quietness supports the group number 1's goals, even though these people don't understand that connection or even know that there is something serious going on in Finland right now, that something is badly wrong and they are needed. These are just closing their eyes, ears and hearts, the whole humanity, and thinking "everything is ok, we are in safe".
3. These want to row the boat to the port of Humanity and resposibility, by using heart and loving careness, cleverness and non-violence way. They need help from quiet followers, but shall they get it? Do quiet followers have a heart and enough humanity to answer this call? Because neither you choose a racism or humanity, there's no any intermediate way in this case. And also a quietness is a choose, rather you understand it or not.

I was writing also something else here, but then I thought that this was enough at this time. The most important thing was: if you don't decide someone does it on your behalf. So think and decide, your decision is very important.

Then back to the enjoyable side of this life.

Take your camera and look all those little wonders you'll have all over around you. Photographing can be also very therapeutic hobby, and when you want to change your mood from sad thinkings to more positive, just take and look some special photos from breath taking moments. Take those photos which you have been taken in a happy moments, look them, recall the atmosphere and those happy feelings, stay a while in those happy memories and continue your day carrying that good memory. You can get huge amount of positive energy from those moments and memories, assisted by your photos.

Life feels good.

"Find the sweetness in your own heart,
then you may find the sweetness
in every heart.
-Rumi "

"Close your eyes,
fall in love,
stay there.

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