perjantai 19. elokuuta 2016

Timing, aikataulutusta

One friendly woman, ystävällinen nainen 08/2016
After this text I'll publish here only one text in a week, and others in other media. I thank and appreciate those who has been followers, some of you even 4,5 years, and many of you daily. Now my book project needs from me more daily writing hours, and two of them will be published 2017. And I'm going to tell about those books also in here, but now I need time for them, thank you.

Tämän viestin jälkeen kirjoitan tänne loppuvuoden ajan ainoastaan kerran viikossa, sillä kirjaprojektit vaativat minulta juuri nyt päivittäistä panostusta... koskapa tuli luvattua ja ahnehdittua kolmaskin projekti, jolla on tiukka aikataulu. Kaksi näistä kirjoista julkaistaan 2017. Ja aina kun joku niistä valmistuu, niin kerron siitä myös täällä.

Osa teistä blogin seuraajista on ollut mukana alkumetreiltä asti, sitkeimmät jo 4,5 vuotta. Olen äärettömän kiitollinen kannustavasta tuestanne, ja arvostan läsnäoloanne niin tällä foorumilla kuin elävässä elämässäkin. Yksi kirjoista ei tule olemaan suomenkielinen, mutta (Turkkilaisen) Miehen käyttöopas ja eräs toinen ovat kyllä ihan suomeksi, ja sillä minun aiemmalla tyylilläni kirjoitettuja. Tämä englanninkielinen jaksokin on ollut testi, jatkosta en osaa vielä varmaksi sanoa muuta, kuin että viikkopäivityksissä on myös suomeksi tapahtumia, ajatuksia ja asiaa auringon ja varjonkin puolelta.

Enkeleitä matkallesi, missä ikinä kuljetkin 08/2016

torstai 18. elokuuta 2016

Time to fly away and come back

Alanya, Tosmur - Kestel border, near carting hall, 11.8.2016
What's new in my life? I was thinking about that quite a long time before starting to write this text, and I didn't find
anything special to tell... first, because now it's quiet. Then I remembered this morning. Yesterday evening, when I saw  an excavator coming into my neighborhood, I just thought neighbor bought a little bit bigger toy, or that he needs it because of his work. Early this morning I woke up because of noise.  I didn't understand where it comes, but when I saw it, I didn't believe my eyes in few minutes... That excavator was demolishing an old house very near my home.

Ok, it's time to wake up and make some breakfast, I thought and didn't take a stress about that huge noise from demolishing project. But here in Alanya construction companies demolishes old houses only when they're going to build up a new one. When I realized that, I was nearly crying... because now I am living in the middle of building site. First in the Kale mountain was that awfull noise because of night club area and chickens / cocks. Then in the next home, in that penthouse, after couple of weeks living started horrible noise because of pool bar. And now here, after 1,5 month living appears building site. What can I say? Alanya is so far very noisy. I haven't found a place where is not chickens, cocks, night clubs, bars, restaurants, noisy drunken and fighting people, building site or heavy traffic's noise. I know here is also that kind of places, in the middle of town house (villa) area or far on the mountains. I just didn't come far enough. On the other side of my apartment there is two building sites also, but they are nearly completed. Now I just need to wait until that new one also is being completed, because after that here is no more old enough to demolish or any empty places to build up anything. As long as the noise is not disco-tecno-rubbish music, or chickens and cocks, I can handle it. There's also hope that they'll make that noise only in a day time.

Alanya, Tosmur - Kestel border, near carting hall, 11.8.2016
Yesterday evening I tried to buy flying tickets, but combination Turkish computer - Finnish woman - Finnish bankcard and Turkish aircraft company's webpage just didn't work successfully together. So I had to call my son, and tell him all information needed, and after that there were not any problems to buy those tickets. I'm happy and lucky, because I can fly again into the other side of this beautiful country. I made a hotel reservation into the city center, and the first day there will be totally free of plans. I'll just walk around where my feelings are taking me, and look and enjoy. Population in that city is more than population in whole Finland, so it's going to be interesting to explore that city. The next day I'll going to meet a friend who is living there, and I know we'll going to have a good times there together. I didn't buy any return ticket... just because I didn't know when I'll return, and what route, by bus, by train or by plane. Maybe I'll take a train to Konya or somewhere else, and after that I'll come home by bus. Trains don't come to Alanya yet, and last minute flights are overpriced, so buses are maybe the best choice in that case. We'll see what happens.

Today I was running up to the mountains couple of kilometers... and were some time totally lost in a network of those roads. Even though I have decreased also my last asthma medicines, while running there in the middle of dusty country roads, dry hays and moldering plants didn't occur any problems, and I'm very happy about that. Health is much more better than in last four years. When I choose the first  new road out there, I thought that maybe there is just a road or two, and I can understand where I am... but I was stupid when thinking like that. Of course there are many roads, because the area is quite a large and some homes are here and others there, and every home/ building needs it's own road. And there I looked around and decided what's going to be the next road, a next direction, and where will that road lead me. Running there out, under a sun and in +32 C degrees is very warm project, but I enjoy it. Tomorrow is again city run day, with a shopping trolley and a lots of office visits. I think there in the ity centre it's going to be more hot and more sweaty.

So has this sunny day again gone here in tropical paradise, and it's time to get a sleep, before tomorrows adventure. Every day is an adventure when you look it close enough and feel it.

keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2016

Festival time again

Little bit north-east of Alanya there's Demirtas. And when you'll go to the mountains in Demirtas there comes sooner or Tokar Yayla. Sunday 21.8.2016 there's going to start at 10 o'clock Tokar Yaylası Şenliği Festival, and maybe it lasts all the day, like they usually do here.
Tokar Yaylası Şenliği

Here is useful program, where you can see some different places than just a beach and a restaurants.
It tells, that Tokar Mountains are 40 km from Alanya.b There's other same kind of "what and where" -site 

If I remember right, that village's population is about 2.000 people. 
This video has been taken (maybe) quite a near of that festival area söğüt yaylası
This video is from festivals in 2014 ALANYA TOKAR YAYLA ŞENLİĞİ  and this 2011 8.TOKAR ŞENLİĞİ 3
Now the festival is going to be bigger, and there's more than what is seen in those videos :)) .
In Turkey we got good news again today, when Expat Guide Turkey published one interesting news in English. Maybe I didn't see it in Turkish, because this is a first time when I saw this. Anyway, there is going to be changes in a Residence Permit, and that kind of changes that I was happy. For example
 -"Short-term residence permit will be granted for up to 2 years term each time".
-"The aggregated stay abroad for more than 120 days in the last one year will not be a reason for cancellation of the short-term residence permit."
And I've heard that there will come also very positive changes into working permit, and I'll wait how will it be when they'll  publish it.

Yesterday I surprized even myself when sitting in Queen's Garden, in the middle of bazaar area near harbor. After that a
Rumi poems
bigger surprize was to be with a friend in a James Dean Night Club. We looked first Bistro Bellman, but there were more people in James Dean, so it was the reason to choose that one. In Queen's Garden music was good, enjoyable and dancable, but James Dean... tekno beat, or what ever it was, was not my style. But it was funny to stop by there. Earlier I have learned that I can be out as late as I will, and going home is not a problem because home is near. But now it makes little stress. When I started to feel "party time" and looked what's the time, I nearly run to the bus stop. And actually last meters I had to run as fast that I could, but I reached the buss, last possible buss, what goes quite a near my home (1 km). So living outside of a city centrum means, that I'll need to find out how I can go home easily and safe, when staying out with other women. Somebody says "taxi", but... earlier, when I used taxi for shorter trips, there were "payment variations" quite a much. So now, if I'd take a taxi for this long way to home, I could never know while stepping into a taxi how much it will cost totally when I'll be at home. 100% it depends of who is that taxi driver and how is his moral.

We have had peaceful living, sunny and very warm days and little bit too big waves in the sea for a not-very-strong swimmer. Life smiles and we can smile also. Good night :))

maanantai 15. elokuuta 2016

About Driving lisence

Alanya was hot and little cloudy today 15.8.2016
This is going to an interesting project. In Turkey foreigner can use his foreign driving license up to 6 month, then it's invalid. And if you want to get Turkish driving license, you have to convert it before that six months has gone.

Today I finally talked with a police offiser, who knew this process. He asked first what kind of education I have and do I have an original certificate of that education here with me. I have one of those, but not the best one. What would be the best one -that one from university. Why -becase then I don't need to travel to Antalya. Now I have here only my certificates from nursing school and Finnish Government (license to work as a nurse). Because this education has not been in any university in Finland I have to travel to Antalya to MilliEğıtım, so that they'll check the authenticity, and they'll translate them into Turkish. And that will take two months and cost "something". If I'd have here a certificate from university, I'd just need to go to a notary (Noter) and they'll make translation, and that's it. In Turkey you must have an education and a document of that, before you can have a drivers license. Here is many drivers, who don't have a driving license, and now I understand why.

Somewhere in Alanya 15.8.2016
The police officer was friendly and gave advises patiently. The funnies moment was when he looked my Finnish driver's  license, and said: wau, you have also license to motorbike, snowmobile and a van / lorry. But then he said something that upset me. He said, that when they're going to give a Turkish driving license to me, at the same time they'll take my Finnish driver's license away, and will give it to a Finnish consulate, which sends it to Finland, to a police. He asked many times if I'm sure, do I really want to give my Finnish driving license away... What? Is my Finnish driver's license cancelled after that also in Finland. Do I have to use Turkish driver's license in Europe after this changement? They didn't know and I don't know. And if it would be cancelled, and if there's going to be a need to get again same kind of driver's license, including the same rights, it would costs minimum 5.000€ in Finland. I would like to say couple of strong, bad words here, but I don't say. But this is interesting. Now I just asked from Finland how they're going to treat my driver's license there after changement, and after that answer I'll need to think what I'll do. If I'll go here to a driving school, do I anyway loose my Finnish driving license or not. There's need to do some choices. Great, I may choose myself :)) .

I checked sites, and there is strong text. Turkish driving licence is not valid in Finland, and if I had it I don't have any rights to drive in Finland although I had earlier Finnish ABeC -driver's license. In that case they'll want driver back to driving school their pages says. But I sended them a message, and later we'll know what they're going to answer. Maybe I just need to drive new license here... and keep the earlier card also, if possible.

Life is not boring. Yesterday, when I was on the beach, two Turkish women I know came there also. They wanted we'd sit near each other and talk and spend some good time. Ok. After 15 minutes they have been changed their mind. On that beach there were more than hundred Turkish people and less than five foreigner. I am used to been gazed, hopefully this is correct word. Local people are staring or at least following every time when I am on the beach. One reason is that I look like foreigner, I am whiter than others, and I have big and long scarves along my body. And some stare just because I am woman, some because I am old woman and still use bikinis. Anyway I don't mind (care?), and nowadays I don't even see it. Those women saw it, and it was more than what they could handle.

Interesting thing is, that also in Europe many are now very conservative. What are women's Best Before Days? In Britain survey reveals, that
  1. when woman is 34 years or more, she should not take selfies anymore...
  2. after 38 years no any tattoos should be seen
  3. after 44 years no nightclubs or partying like that
  4. after 45 years no rock festivals
  5. after 46 years woman should have only short hair (manly hair?)
  6. after 47 years no tight jeans 
  7. after 47-49 years should not use social media at all
I saw also bikinis in some list, but couldn't find that list now. Yes, I'm on that age that many are thinking I should not use bikinis anymore, but what they can do, I'll use what I want :)) .
Here's the link to, one Finnish news paper, who made an article about that. Results are horrible. There's no limits like those. Only constraints are in our own head. Only I can live my life, and only you can live your life.

So all we little bit older ladies, let's get some fun XD .

Here's my diet cake from Citirim PAtisserie, or was it pastanesi... Today I realised how they do this :) . In a huge plate there's a huge piece of cake, but because of plate's size cake piece looks so small... tiny little piece full of lovely chocolate. *couple of sights*

I don't change my Finnih drivers license to Turkish, because in that process I'll lose too much. The driving license what I can get here in that process is only A, for ordinary car, and when I'll be back in Finland, it is not valid there and I have to go back to driving school and buy everything again. It's more valuable to go to a driving school here and get a new, ordinary Turkish driving license AND keep also the earlier Finnish driving license. MAny has said, that they hasn't changed or got a local driving license, and still they just drive... ok, it's their problem, I'll do it legally.

sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2016


Where would you like to be right now,

Helsinki at a day time

or here?
Alanya today +34C, sunny, little wind 14.8.2016
The weather has been marvelous. There's no too much people (except on the City hall beach today) so it's easy to go and spend relaxing time where ever you want. I went to City hall beach (halk plaj) behind the city hall even there were rush hours today, because I didn't want to play with big waves on the steep Kleopatra beach, but still wanted to swim couple of hours. I was there in the deeper water, and there was only 3-4 person, when on the other parts there were hundreds of people. I've never seen that beach so full. Also that beach near The Red tower was completely full of swimmers. Before I came there I walked along with Kleopatra beach, from beach number 18 to beach number 0, and there were much more space, and a bigger waves.

The life in Alanya has been peaceful, little bit quiet and partly hopeless and partly hopeful. Some entrepreneurs, who has been investing a lot within last two years, and whom trusted that these two years would be at least the same than earlier, are now in trouble. Some had to close their businesses, and there is now both smal and big empty retail properties all over the city. Some of the are for sale, and most of them are for rent. My friend told today, that they had to visit in Mardin, in the East-Turkey, and sell their car that they can keep their business. Life is made of ups and downs, and we may choose only our attitude in the middle of this all. That's also great possibility to check own set of values and maybe amend something. In every difficulty there's always hidden possibilities, if we are ready to see them.

Alanya City hall, Bir Alanyamiz var 14.8.2016
Some wise people says also, that a certain possibilities will appear into our life when we are ready to for them, ready to receave them. I don't know what I'll think about that saying, but it just occurred into my mind when talking about hidden possibilities. I have lost some wery interesting possibilities in my life just because I didn't see them, I didn't understand them in that moment, and then they just passed by. Opprtunity was missed. Maybe it was meant to be so, or do you believe in destiny? I don't mean here fatalism as I understand it, but more religious way. What does your religion say? Is your way of life here on the earth predetermined? Do you believe in that, or randomness, arbitrariness or the possibility of your own choose? Or have you ever even thought about that? Or how the path of your life is going to be determined? And does it matter? Some people say "too much thinking". Ok, but if you don't think and choose, who is that who chooses in your life, mother, housemate, boss... Sometimes it's good to slow down, stop for a while, think, verify the position and take a (new) direction. That's one reason why some of us has changed our life so, that we can work around the world, where ever it is possible and feels good. At the same time it's a journey into myself.

They're all different but good together, Alanya, 14.8.2016
I know many people who don't give a shit for that kind of life, but they are just not yet ready to understand. Their time
comes later, if it comes. Those people tries to destroy many other peoples life just because of jealousy, because of weakness and because of their inability to understand things deeply enough. Just forget them and their sayings. They have to cry their cries before they learn more about this life, and grow step by step. All we are human and we have (should have) equal human rights, but everyone don't have equal capability to understand things happening here around us, in our world. On the other hand it is sad, but on the other hand they need it for their growing, to learn to be more understanding persons, more human. Only humanity matters.

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I'm wise, so I am changing myself. -Rumi"

"Do not worry about what people say behind your back. They are the people who are finding faults in your life instead of fixing their own. -Keanu Reeves"

By the way I found that beach football field today, but didn't watch the game because of sunburn (again). The playground is behind the City Hall, near beach and harbor, near a smaller lighthouse.

Friends from Finland are writing that autumn has come to Finland. Here it's still the best summer, and the hottest time continues at least two weeks. After that it's still two months warm and sunny, maybe three months if +25C is counted to be warm. In December it starts to rain more and it's getting colder, which means +16C at the day time and a little bit less in the night time. But we don't think about it yet. Now it's the prettiest summer, good atmosphere and lovely sea water temperature. It's the best time to swim, daily. If I'd be crazy enough, I'd run to the easier beach (5 km), swim couple of hours and take a buss back home. That's one plan, we'll see how it works.

"We'll think too much and feel too little.
More than machinery, we need humanity;
more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.
-Charlie Chaplin"

Saturday feelings

A relaxing day and a real weekend, in Alanya, right now :) .
In our news here we may read how doctor's give warning to asthmatic people because of hot weather. I am lucky or more healthier now because I don't have any problems with asthma or everyday living. I have decreased medication here almost as low as my doctor hopes, and still I can for example run. Two days ago, when I made my new distance record (12 km) in jogging, I had only little breathing problems when I was jogging in dusty sand road among the cars. Luckily it was only a short road, which lead me over the river to the other side. It was evening and temperature was 32 Celcius degrees.

Today I was running 3,5 km faster than ever in my adult life, and after that breathing was ok, I didn't have any problems. That was also evening time and temperature was 31 C. My body has learned how to live in this heat, and for example last nights 24 C I felt could. But back to asthma. As living with astma 30 years and with asthmatic  children (20 years) and as a nurse knowledge I assume, that if asthma is in balance, it's not just the temperature what can cause all those problems. So believe also your own experiences, and don't believe all what is written in internet or in newspapers.

History of Alanya has shown, that this area is really good for atshmatic people, with or without that cave treatment. I have planned to go there also, but so far I didn't do it. And now it's so far from my home, that propably I won't take that suggested two weeks treatment period. Many people takes it and says it helps a lot. For me this climate and nearly organic food is enough at this moment.

Then about this blog. What has changed after this blog's language has been changed from Finnish to English? Ok, maybe I've been learning a little bit English at the same time, and I know my language is a foreigners language and don't work as good as my natural speaking Finnish, but I don't take any stress about that. There's something else. These pictures are telling some part of the answer. Now here is more traffic, and the biggest part of traffic comes from Russia. It's logical because in the past few years the biggest tourist groups in Turkey has come from Russia (earlier from Germany). In this first picture there is page views today, yesterday, last month and total.

And these countries in the lower picture are (for up)
Russia, Finland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Israel, Portugal, Netherlands, Estonia, Greece...

Mediterranean sea here in Alanya is wam right now, very warm.
When I've been writing this blog in English, it has been easier to write my project book in Finnish. For example today was a good writing day, and I got several pages relevant text in a short time. And after running I continued, just because now was "writing kind of feeling". And one reason to be in this kind of relaxed mood is also the old truth "no man, no stress" or in Turkish erkek yok, problem yok (no man, no problem). If there's is some man in your life, he needs always so much service and time, that you can't even imagine before you'll live alone for a while. Yes, I know weak
men get angry about this, but stronger men understand it also themselves. It's the same in all relationships. You need to give your time and energy for that relationship or it dies. Of course we have also that kind of frienships, that they'll never die, but they are rare. Most of our relationships needs two active person, who together wants to keep that friendship alive, who want to spend time together and share part of their lives together. And that's life, real life with good quality.

"Be Drunk in Love
Since Love is Everything that Exists
- Rumi"

perjantai 12. elokuuta 2016

International Alanya

Alanya Dımcayın patoa ennen olevia taloja, 11.8.2016
 Did you know, that in Alanya we have:
  • home owners from 79 countries around the world. So Alanya is really an international city :)) .
  • 39.000 foreign home owners
  • The biggest group is 6.461 person from Russia
  • Second biggest group is 5.850 person from Norway
  • Third biggest group is 4.893 person from Germany
 This was just home owners. Nowadays we have here also a lot of people who just rents a home and buys a recidence permit. But let's not forget those who are married here. Many Turkish men here in Alanya has a wife, who has been a foreigner -now she is naturally local wife. That's how life goes sometimes. I've heard that amount of home owners and other foreigners all together is about 60.000 person, but I didn't find any source to confirm that information. Anyway here is more foreigners than in many Finnish city has citizens. And in Alanya centrum lives 101.000 local people, and in the whole city of Alanya there's little bit more than 300.000 local people. In Finnish capital Helsinki there's 600.000 citizen, so this population is half of Helsinki. Because of this multicultural atmosphere everyone is welcome to Alanya. People here are used to see and meet foreigners around the world, and that is wealth.

Pimeällä otettu "valoisa" kuva, Alanya Dımcayı 11.8.2016
 Tomorrow evening here starts beach football tournament. I don't know where exactly they're gonna play, but propably on the shore ;) , maybe behind the city hall, because there's enough space. But tomorrow about 18.00 or 19.00 somewhere here. Let's go and enjoy sporty feeling and festival atmosphere. Maybe there's more people also in the harbour tomorrow evening, we'll see.

Yesterday, when I was jogging there on the "wild world", on DimCayi roads, I saw first time that black snake alive. You can be sure that I speeded up immediately, and didn't really want to see what it did. It was small one, but not my style of pet.

And today's words are here:
Alanya Dımcayı 11.8.2016

"Before you judge my life, my past or my character… Walk in my shoes, walk the path I have traveled, live my sorrow, my doubts, my fear, my pain and my laughter.. Remember, everyone has a story. When you’ve lived my life then you can judge me…!
~ Unknown"

torstai 11. elokuuta 2016


DimCayı, Alanya 11.8.2016
There are so many reasons to be thankful, everybody and every single day. Many times we just forgot that simple thing.

Thankfulness is a little thing but powerful and important.

I made my list, just what occurred into my mind in a first couple of minutes.
  • I am right now grateful for children and their life situations.
  • I'm grateful for friends with whom I can spend life-filled moments.
  • I'm very grateful that I am still here, in this life and in this condition, after all that what has happened in my life.
  • I'm grateful that I could make this evening 1,5 hours jogging in the middle of this amazing nature.
  • I'm grateful that I can be present and still, live free from fear and enjoy my days.
  • I'm grateful that I have hopeful and joyful mentality, and that I'm soft, hard and flexible enough to handle this interesting life. 
  • I'm grateful that I've got a lot of plans and dreams against the days of my life, and more comes easily if needed.
  • I'm grateful I'm me.

What does your list include? Just make it, write in on the paper or computer. Just write it, let it come out of your mind freely and fearlesly. Other's opinions are here worthless, listen only to your own feelings, your own mind.
DimCayı, Alanya 11.8.2016 Licorice root

When you have done it, just look it and feel it.

Inside your list there are some keys to your happiness, in my list I can
find keys to my happiness etc.

If you couldn't find any reasons to be thankful, you can use life skills coach to help you to find your hidden road.

Thankfulness is a skill, and also you can learn it, practise it and make it stronger and easier to use in your life. And when you one use it for example a one week, I mean really use it, after that you don't want to give it away... just because it changes your world, in a positive way. Maybe that's the point where real life begins, where you can be present in every precious moment.

So what do you choose? Is life welcome into your living?

tiistai 9. elokuuta 2016

Videos from Alanya

Alanya, sun, sea, sand and Fun :) 08 2016
Here is two video links to recent happenings here in Alanya. First 12. GELENEKSEL GÖKBEL YAYLASI YAĞLI PEHLİVAN ALANYAMIZI TANITMAYA DEVAM EDİYORUZ 

And here's one videoblog telling abour their recently trip to Alanya

And one video from Cleopatra Beach 2 weeks ago. These videos are now very popular, I mean that many are taking videos there and publishing them in Youtube. That's one reason why other beaches starts to be more popular... also in this video you can see quite a much.

sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2016

Part of humanity

One day it looks like this, and it's beatifull
I was reading today from one Finnish magazine an article, which introduced a forthcoming book about narcissism. When in people's minds We starts to be Me and You, that kind of behavior divides people. And when society is divided, it's weak, much more weaker than united society.
Many liked the article and said positive things about that book, which gives advices how you can identify a narcissist. I understand that so, that normal people from different kinds of backgrounds with or without any psychological or even health care education. This sucks, and I really mean it. Psychologist studies takes 4-5 years, and there's very good reasons why it takes so long time. Or do you want that someone make's wrong diagnose about you or your family member? No, nobody wants that. When people are broken, desperately tired or sick or something else, and they really need professional help they are worth of getting a best possible treatment with a professional therapist. And when people are weak and temporarily needing real help, what is going to happen when at that time occurs self educated home psychologists, who are making lots of D.I.Y diagnoses and sharing them to the neighborhood and half of the city? Does this kind of society support it's member? And when society stops to support it's members

One of today's biggest problems in western countries, or in Finland, is societies breakdown, polarization. My English is not strong, and I really hope that these terms are same than what I would use when writing in my own language. But when We is divided to Me and You, now a days in our societies someone will benefit from it. Always. But we can think also in a more kind way, and here I'll choose that more kind way, and forget now those bigger figures.

Some other day it has changed, full of other kind of beauty. Tomorrow?
Now some of those people, who has education, wants to write many kinds of Do It Yoursef Diagnose Guidebooks. When those books are ment to be guides to a better self-knowledge or ore healthy life, they are ok, in my opinion. My limit is there, when book is trying to teach to you how to diagnose other people. Then it crosses the border. Writers also need some cash, or everybody has rights to write whatever they want some may say... but, there's still big But. Where goes ethical or moral line how to use your psycholigicall education? Can a Guide lead his followers to a dangerous way? Of course many curious people buys that kind of book. Some of them wants to read because of curiosity and it don't lead to anything special. Some readers may read just because of learning, but also in those cases it don't lead to anything special. Then there is a small but noisy and destructive group of people, who's ability to understand deeper meanings, ethical or moral behavior or responsibility is on the lower lewell. When that kind of person is frustrated or disappointed in his life he'll find the reasons always outside of himself. It's society's fault or someone else's fault that he is suffering, that his life is not luxury or glory. What happens when he reads some parts of that book -social media is full of writings about his nacissist neighbour, narcissist ex-wife, narcissist employer. He makes diagnoses faster than any doctor, and he believes that he really knows what he is doing. we have lot of this kinds of examples already now at least in Finland. I hope other wetern countries has better situation, but at the same time I suppouse that it's a modern problem in many western countries.

No more walls and deviders, soft heart and humanity are better
 Many forget, or don't even know, that even professionals can't do diagnoses in every situations. When I'm working as a part of multidisciplinary team in an emergency making diagnoses was part of my work, just like also other Finnish nurses duty in the same unit. There we had to make that diagnose decisions and record them into the medical records. Doctors monitored our ability to do it, and our list of diagnoses was narrower than doctor's lists. When I was working in a mental health care center, also there we made some suppositions, but only highly educated psychologist and psychiatrists made diagnoses. And sometimes even they didn't make it alone, but the hole team was combining it's knowledge to find out the patient's best. When I am outside of my working place, or even inside my working place and working there, but meeting a patient that is not my patient, or meeting a patient that I haven't research, I have no right to do any diagnose. There are many legally facts that must fulfill first. But how about those Do It Yourself diagnose makers? They think they'll know everything about everything, and that they can share they thoughts as a fact to everybody else. Yes, someone says that I'm doing same here. Maybe, maybe not. At least I suppose to know my limits, and even sometimes I'll know something about the thing I'm writing for. But those who are already broken are needing more humanity and professionals. Don't listen any D.I.Y's trash. He needs also help but he just don't realize it yet. Only other broken or sick people hurts the one who is already broken. And even if other people are wellbeing, it's not human's behave to hurt, brake and destroy.

Those, who need to understand this, don't understand, because their basic knowledge is too low. And that's really sad. Our societie's education systems are invalid, and year after year there comes out more adults, who are not used to use their brains.

Peacefull beautyness in Alanya, July 2016

One part of this writing includes a lot of inspiration from Jufo Peltomaa's good writing yesterday in Facebook.
I hope you can see it and also translate it if needed.

I also saw couple of other Finnish blogger's text related of thinking or brain's disuse and , but I just couldn't find them now. If founf I'll add them here.
They might be in here
or in here

Both of these bloggers are trying to get Finnish people find their heart and humanity, and live at peace in the world. Text might not translate right by using automatic translators, but in my opinion their message is deeply in humanity, and they are in the frontline to try to save our society as a welfare state.

lauantai 6. elokuuta 2016

Two usefull guides
Today first time I saw a web page about Alanya's Nature, called Alanya'nın Doğası
There is awesome pictures and information about that part of Alanya what tourists rarely see. So maybe next time it's time to go out to real nature.

If you don't know where to go and what to do, here is also mountain guides to lead you where ever you want. And many locals are helping also if you just ask. But first look at that page, it's worth of it. Very much thank you to those persons that they have done it.

There in Antalya area are so many interesting beaches, that if you some day want to know more than just these beaches in Alanya centrum you'll have a lot of choices.  Beach quide you can find here.

 In that page there's also waterfalls and caves. That web page was today's other positive surpise. In those pages there's so much information in many ways, that I am gratefull for that also. It helps a lot. Now I know what are my next places to visit. Today I was looking for buss tickets quite far from Alanya, just because I wanted to see something new, and many friends have gone far away. But after reading that Geziantalya page I realized that I don't have to go so far yet. Here near is also many interesting things and places.

perjantai 5. elokuuta 2016


In Turkey Kudret narı (Momordica charantia, Momordica Chantia in Turkey) is right now common fruit and is widely seen in
Bitter melons are here again
fruit and vegetable bazaars and markets. It's bitter melon in english, I think. On the other hand turkish name sounds the same than the fruit looks like, so they are perfect togehter, and that's enough for me. When I tasted that fruit there on the bazar, it was difficult to decide do I like it or not. I can imagine with some spices and in special function it might be tastefull and good. Now, without nothing just pure fruit it was bitter. I like how it looks both inside and outside. It remainds horror film dinner, and if I'd have been known it when my children were small, it would be easy to attract them to eat that fruit by using their imagination and fairy tales and dinosaurs... :DD .

Kudret narı Biter melon is nowadays researched a lot because it's medicinal potency, that information you can find here 
or  or here

I have tasted it in the food bazaar, and left it there. It has it's health benefits, ok, but I don't know how to use it. Local people
said they're using it in a meat's marinade or a sauce, and I can imagine that, but how about person who don't eat meat...  in sauce, soup or smoothie with what?

In Alanya life is quite a quiet right now, except neighbourhood's little children and screaming mothers. When we walked in the harbour on monday evening late there were a lot of people. Some hotels are busy with norwegians and swedish, and with Middle European customers, but those hotels who are working with finnish people are almost empty. Finnish news with a lot of political propaganda drives customers to Spain and Creece... What can we do, said hotel manager yesterday looking sadly, and shaked his head. This huge political game is just a reality here, reality that affects the most in an ordinary people, the poorest ones. And yesterdays rich man can also be todays very poor, when talking about money. That's why it's important to remember that it's just a money. It comes and goes. And at the same time you'll have only this one life here, right now. How are you using it, with your family and friends, or by collecting money (which in the end don't mean anything) and forget living here and now?

I went today to the beach and planned that I'll enjoy long swimming. Waves were big enough to change my plans. Even when I saw one wave took and little child I couldn't go there (after that there would be 2 taken by waves) but luckily there were also a strong swimmer, who rescued the child, and that case ended happily. On the beach this evening, nearly sunset, I saw first time muslim women who came there to sleep on the sand. Earlier years I've seen men sleeping on the beach, but now first time I saw two women. That is sad, because they are just a women, and in the evening time and night time there's lots of "hungry" men on the beach. Those womens clothes was not turkish style and I thought maybe they've been coming from Syria, or somewhere outside of Turkey. Here in Turkey we have 2.8 million Syrian refugees. It's more than a half of Finland's population. I'm proud that Turkey didn't close it's doors from those people, that it helps while others turn their back, or take a couple of them and then says "we have done our duty". Here real humanity is seen in every day life, in practice. It's not only pretty visions or speaking or forgotten plan. It's reality also in Alanya. No matter what european newspapers are telling, also those women get help when they're found. Just because they are sisters. For those, who don't have so much, it's easier to share from what they have.

And then KOnya.

torstai 4. elokuuta 2016

Beach life

Alanya, sunset and Kale hill, 4.8.2016
Today was a beach day, after running around the city centre. And we wanted to play with cameras near the water, and try to take  some kind of serie about sunset. So here it is. And believe or not but they're in a chronolocical order.

All are taken in Tosmur, on the beach. If you'd like to take Kale pictures in sunset there's a good place. Also earlier in Oba there are many good places for that.

Weather report promised us little easier weather, cloudy days, and from sunday starts +40 degrees again.. love it.

HAve a nice evening and love yourself and others also.

Alanya, sunset and Kale hill, 4.8.2016
Alanya, sunset and Kale hill, 4.8.2016
Alanya, sunset and Kale hill, 4.8.2016
Alanya, sunset and happiness, 4.8.2016
Alanya, sunset and Kale hill, 4.8.2016
Alanya, sunset and Kale hill, 4.8.2016
Alanya, sunset and Kale hill, 4.8.2016
Alanya, sunset and Kale hill, 4.8.2016
Alanya, sunset and Kale hill, 4.8.2016
Alanya, sunset and Kale hill, 4.8.2016

keskiviikko 3. elokuuta 2016

Cosy and safe in Turkey

Kuru fasulye
Something has happened in my food culture... I have adapted a lots of Turkish eating habits already earlier, but this surprised also me. Earlier I couldn't even imagine to eat Kuru fasulye. Now I have done that many times, first in restaurant and now at home. It have been very difficult to believe that one day I'll make Kuru fasulye. And now I did it, eat it and even liked it. I also made Tahini (and liked it much more than Kuru fasulye C: ). One future project is Asure, but I'll wait Asure day or friends to come for visit before I'll try it.

What does cultural adaptation, acculturation mean? And how are you going to do it when moving to a new country and a new culture?

Or do you even have to adapt anything? It depends fo your goals. If you want to be just an occasional visitor in that new culture, for example from Finland here in Turkey, it's enough if you know how to behave polite. If you want to feel here as comfort as in your own original culture environment, if this is going to be your home, you need to do something. In every acculturation something needs to be done if people wants to feel cosy and safe, begins to feel oneselfs.

One model suggests four types of acculturation:
  1. Assimilation: An original culture is rejected and a person only participates in the new culture.
  2. Integration: An original culture is retained while accepting the new culture.
  3. Separation/segregation: The original culture is retained and the new culture rejected.
  4. Marginalization: Both the original culture and the new culture are rejected.
 And there is something to think about
  • Language: of course you'll need to learn local, new language, if you really want to be part of that new society. If you use some third languages it's not the same. It's touristic way.
  • Social norms: of course you'll need to learn and respect local social norms, if you want to be part of that new society, and show that you'll respect it (at the same time you can respect also yours)
  • Gender roles: If you want to be acceptable and reliable in the eyes of your new society's people, so that you can be a truly member of that society, of course you'll need to learn and respect local gender roles, and live with them. You can still respect also your own, it's not a problem if you don't make it as a problem.

  • Climate: knowing and accepting local climate helps you to enjoy your life

  • Food: knowing and accepting local food culture helps you many way in social situations, when building up your new social network with locals in real every day life. Social norms, gender roles, status and food a quite a much connected with each others.

  • Daily rhythm: living in the same daily rhythm as your neighborhood, friends and society is important when looking for your place in that society, and while building up that friendship network.

  • Calendar: you need this knowledge when planning your life or arrange your comings and goings. To know important days is also one way to show that you're respecting new society so much, that you want to learn what there happens and when, what is important for locals.

  • Local friends: You need always other people and local friends to belong to a group, and for well-being, mentally, physically, socially etc.

  • Religion: it helps understand new society and it's people when you know how local people are practicing their religion. You may still keep yours.

  • Social status. Your local status need to be build up, need to be taken, and in that process you'll need all those earlier. You can't forget even one of those. Everything affects everything.

  • Connects with earlier friend and relatives. You need them, they need you and you are still also a part of your earlier society, if you want. You'll have o lots of choices.
For example me. My Turkish friends are saying, that I'm already half Finnish an half Turkish. That's a huge courtesy, and encourages me on this long and slowly road of an acculturation. And that's why I am happy for little, simple things like cooking some new local food. It's not just a food. Because there's some deeper meanings, for me it is The Food.

So what is your choice and why?

We have had here very warm sunny day again. Today at home +35C, in the ballcony little bit more. I've been just writing, writing and writing, because now it's fun and now I have an inspiration. Couple of friends are little bit angry, I can hear it from their talkings, because I didn't have enough time for them. But weekend is soon and then it's again time to relax. By the way, there's some football match somewhere out there, because I can here commentators voice and some Cheers.

It's time for evening swim, so have a good evening where ever you are, and take care of yourselves, and newcomers too.